Love is…

Love looks like passion; love is being unable to complete a meal without wanting to kiss the other person.

Love is knowing what temperature the other person needs their feet to be; it’s turning on the fan before bed and opening the window because you know how hot the other person gets when they sleep.

Love is smiling cheek to cheek at the same time.

Love is compatibility, which a lot of people discredit and don’t take seriously. Love is the connection between common interests. Love is in the TV series, dog breeds, books, the gym, making meals together, and laughing at the same YouTube videos.

Love is finding part of your soul in someone else.

Love is friendship, it’s the history, it’s the development of something beautiful over time.

Love is patient; it knows that everything goes through phases. Love has faith.

It’s rare to find someone who laughs about the same things as you but you can still go through painful times with them. It’s rare to find your best friend in the body of someone who also wants to kiss your finger tips and wash the body of you when you’re sick.

Love is kind, and sometimes love takes time.

Sometimes love honors phases, just like the moon, a little too seriously. Sometimes love doesn’t show up until we are old, sometimes we are born in the same proximity as it.

Just remember that love is sweet, love takes the time to ask questions and make your tea. Love knows how you like your coffee and it makes you comfort baskets on your dark days.

Love is hard sometimes, it takes growth, it takes time, and whole lot of patience mixed with forgiveness.

Love does not yell, it doesn’t make you feel bad for hanging out with your friends, love doesn’t require your attention all the time.

Love empowers you, it lifts you up.

There is love like this in the world, and it will be here before you know it, but first you must become it yourself.


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