Say No!!

Say no to the bad date who wants to walk you home through a dark alley when he knows you are for lights.

Say no to the boy who hurt you.

Say no to places that don’t make you feel like home.

Say no to the girl who brags about scathing her long nails on a fine body.

Say no to the songs that reminds you of the sadness in your heart.

Say no to the man who makes you stand at the edge of a knife to make you prove your worth in his life.

Say no to pain to cure pain, after all, in all worldly senses, pain can never cure pain but add itself to it.

Say no to holding on to things, to give time to heal the broken, because some scars go deep.

Say no to the girl who holds grudges.

Say no to the lips that carry a sad smile.

Say no to small talks.

Say no to the girl who flutters her charm in velvet darkness to seduce you, because it’s her inner beauty that is going to break your wall – the walls you put up long ago to hide your pain, to suppress your hurt, to protect your already broken heart from shattering into a million pieces.

Say no to things that break you beyond repairs.

Say no to the mirror that has no cracks to validate your existence.

Say no to the moon that hides your real self, instead believe in the candle that helps you find your real flame.

Say no to people who make you addicted to themselves to burn you out.

Say no to people who step back from love.

Say no to everything and everything and everyone who stops you from being you.

Because everyone is hiding in plain sight.

Don’t be just another somebody.

Say yes to yourself.

Words – Jagriti Jain



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