Dear Future Lover

Dear Future lover, I’ve seen you every night on my mother’s skin screaming in colors instead of words of purple, black and blue. I’ve seen you creep through our maid’s torn sarees that smells of a failed man’s alcohol. And muffled cries in the kitchen that didn’t make me complain about extra salt in our … Continue reading Dear Future Lover


You Deserve So Much More!

You will find someone who appreciates your laugh, who loves every imperfect part of you, who doesn't think you're "too much" or "too little" of anything. You will find someone who truly loves every inch of you and that's the kind of person you should want - not the person you have to convince to … Continue reading You Deserve So Much More!

You Matter

If no one has told you this today, I'm telling you this - You matter. Your feelings matter. They're not too much or too strong or too annoying. They're not unrealistic or crazy or naive. They're you. They're your depths and your emotions and they matter. Your heart matter. What you're passionate about matters. The … Continue reading You Matter

Talk To Me

I want to talk to you. At 1 am, 2 am, or even at 3 am, If you're up and worried about something, if you're having a sleepless night, if you're nervous about something, or if you're scared to fall asleep after watching a horror movie. I want to talk to you, about everything under … Continue reading Talk To Me