When it ends…

When it ends, the little things will haunt you most. The text you don’t get in the morning. The notification you no longer see. The snaps that aren’t from them. Not knowing about their day. Or anything in their life at all. It’s being unfriended. Unfollowed. It’s the left you used to take, driving to … Continue reading When it ends…


Things I need to let go of about you!

These are the things I need to let go of about you. The conversations we had. The moments I genuinely believed were true. The seconds that I wondered if we were ever going to be powerful enough to resist all the people who told us we wouldn’t last. The sadness when it turned out that … Continue reading Things I need to let go of about you!


When it comes to endings, I have learned that they do not always mean that you've failed at something. I learned that endings can sometimes open new doors for better beginnings and close old doors that weren't going to lead us anywhere in the first place. They force us to find a new home, new … Continue reading Endings