When it ends…

When it ends, the little things will haunt you most. The text you don’t get in the morning. The notification you no longer see. The snaps that aren’t from them. Not knowing about their day. Or anything in their life at all. It’s being unfriended. Unfollowed. It’s the left you used to take, driving to … Continue reading When it ends…


Dear Lost Love

Dear Lost Love, It is 4 am and I can hear the rain pouring outside, as I lie on my bed, unable to sleep. I have to give a presentation in 4 hours. But right now is an intimate moment for me, for I have all my thoughts to myself. It is one of those … Continue reading Dear Lost Love


Oh God, there were times when we hated each other, 2 am fights because he kissed me or she texted you again and a billion phone calls where we tried to end things when neither of us wanted to. God, I swear we hated each other. There was screaming and tears and sometimes blood. But … Continue reading Breakup

Break Up

You stay attached to the wrong person when you wait for them to change. They won't change for you, they can only change for themselves. You stay attached to the wrong person when you think there is no one out there better for you. When you don't believe that you will be able to find … Continue reading Break Up