Give me things that money can’t buy!

Give me your attention. Your undivided attention. The way you listen to my words, the questions you ask about my stories, the little details that you remember about the first time we met and the little things you notice about me that I couldn't notice about myself. Give me your attention because it means you … Continue reading Give me things that money can’t buy!


Someone with anxiety in love

Someone with anxiety falls in love the way you do. The only difference is that while they’re falling in love, their brain is also coming with a million different reasons why they shouldn’t, Someone with anxiety falls in love slowly, cautiously, because they are always thinking – this can’t possibly last, this can’t possibly be … Continue reading Someone with anxiety in love

Love is…

Love looks like passion; love is being unable to complete a meal without wanting to kiss the other person. Love is knowing what temperature the other person needs their feet to be; it’s turning on the fan before bed and opening the window because you know how hot the other person gets when they sleep. … Continue reading Love is…