Forgive that person!

This is how you forgive the person who broke your heart. You forgive them by giving yourself time to heal. This doesn’t happen all at once. This doesn’t happen overnight. It’s a slow progression. You take two steps forward and four steps back. Sometimes it won’t make sense. But you grow a bit stronger, a … Continue reading Forgive that person!


Dear Lost Love

Dear Lost Love, It is 4 am and I can hear the rain pouring outside, as I lie on my bed, unable to sleep. I have to give a presentation in 4 hours. But right now is an intimate moment for me, for I have all my thoughts to myself. It is one of those … Continue reading Dear Lost Love

Let Go!!

When you decide to let go, it doesn’t mean you stopped caring or you lost hope, it just mean that you’ve reached a point where you stopped trying to make others care or trying to make them love you. When you decide to let go, it doesn’t mean you are giving up, it just means … Continue reading Let Go!!