I want someone who cares!

I don’t need you to pull out my chair and hold open doors for me – but I need you to treat me with respect during our god and bad days, so I know you see me as your equal. I don’t need you to take me on expensive vacations – but I need you … Continue reading I want someone who cares!


Don’t Let Him Go!

When you meet the guy who doesn't let you go to bed angry and stays up just to fix the problem, don't let him go. Don't let him go if he open doors and pulls out chairs and takes your coat. Don't let him go if he wants to be the one to prove to … Continue reading Don’t Let Him Go!

Date a Boy

Date a boy that shows his appreciation of you through more than just the way he hugs your hips and kisses your neck. Date a boy that allows you to have your own space. Date a boy that prefers your perfume mixed with his on his clothes. Date a boy that doesn't care that there's … Continue reading Date a Boy